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Dragon War Version 5

Created: 12/99; Updated: 12/23/04; Status: Incomplete; Words: 8,657; Reviews: 8
Content: Full Spectrum, Altered Universe
Summary: A re-telling of the entire Dragon Ball saga, the events that transpired before its beginning, and the events that occurred after its close.
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Complex 01: Genesis
  Prologue: Dawdling Eternity
Complex 11: Apocalypse
  Prologue: Cleave
    Part 01: Nightmare's Reign
      Chapter 01: Shattered Sons
Complex 13: Corruption
  Prologue: War Echoes
    Part 04: Devils
      Chapter 01: Intrusion Of Hope

Don't Irk Gohan, Moron

Created: 6/12/02; Updated: 10/24/02; Status: Incomplete, Stopped; Words: 1,443
Content: Drama
Summary: Koola seeks to avenge the empire for the humiliation caused by Freiza and Cold's defeat at Saiya-jin hands, and decides to return to the site of the battle in hopes of finding and destroying their killer.  Much to Koola's disappointment, a little half-Saiya-jin boy--an absolute weakling named Son Gohan--is the only creature with Saiya-jin blood to be found on the planet.  Assuming the killer to be the boy's father, Koola tortures Gohan and all that is dear to him to do justice to the empire, completely unaware of what happens when Gohan becomes irked.
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